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  • Corona-virus Didn't Effect Aceally Business
  • Post Time:3/4/2020
  • Please don’t worry about our business. Corona-virus has been under effective control in our county. There have been no new cases in most of the provinces outside of Hubei in China for over a week. Even in Wuhan, the most heavily stricken area is recovering quickly and steadily now with lower new cases than one month ago. It is the truth, below is the graph about new confirmed cases trends for your review. Our factory, which is located in Jiangsu, and far away from Hubei. It has be......
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  • Knowledge of Warehouse Pallet Racking
  • Post Time:4/29/2021
  • The main function is to store goods. The stability of shelf has always been one of the key issues in the design of warehouse shelf steel structure. The wide application of shelf steel structure system highlights the importance and urgency of stability research. Because there are many uncertain factors in the design, construction and use of warehouse rack steel structure system, it is necessary to introduce reliability analysis. Warehousing and packaging, transportation, loading and unloading,......
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  • Things needs to be paid attention to during the use of warehouse storage shelves
  • Post Time:4/25/2021
  • With the development of economy, more and more warehouses are using storage shelves for storage. However, there are some more precautions in the process of use, but it is not very clear how to use storage shelves in the warehouse to make the shelves The service life is longer and safer. Mulong shelf factory storage shelves use the three-dos and three-don's principle, which allows you to use the shelves more freely. 1. To be high light and low weight, storage shelves should follow the princip......
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  • How to save money on storage shelves
  • Post Time:1/20/2021
  • After the storage shelf is purchased, if it is not maintained, the shelf can only be used for a few years and not more than ten years. It is impossible to achieve the expected appearance. If the storage shelf is maintained after the shelf is purchased, the shelf can be used for dozens of times. Years, two or three years will not change the shelf once or twice every ten years. The surface spraying of storage shelves refers to the use of solid powder coatings instead of liquid solvent-based coat......
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  • Related issues of warehouse mold shelves
  • Post Time:1/8/2021
  • The warehouse mold shelf is specially designed for molds, and the weight of the mold is generally relatively large. If used improperly, it will cause the warehouse mold shelf life to shorten and even cause accidents! So when buying warehouse mold shelves, pay attention to the following points. Points to note for warehouse mold shelves: 1. The mold rack bears a heavy load, so the material used is very important. When purchasing mold racks, you must pay attention to the thickness and quality......
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  • Which pallet racking have height limited
  • Post Time:12/24/2020
  • Factory shelves have a large load-bearing capacity, and each layer of storage shelves can carry more than 800kg. It is quick and convenient to access. It is a widely used pallet cargo storage system and has strong versatility. Its structure is that the racks are divided into several rows along the width of the warehouse, with lanes in between, for stacking cranes, forklifts or other handling machinery to pass. The types of factory shelves can be suitable for many warehouses, but some relativ......
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  • The Fact Of Carton Flow Pallet Rack
  • Post Time:12/22/2020
  • Carton flow racking is also called sliding racking. It uses roller aluminum alloy, sheet metal and other fluent strips. It uses the weight of the goods rack to store goods from one aisle and pick up goods from the other aisle to achieve first-in first-out, convenient storage, and one-time replenishment. The goods have been picked up many times. The fluent shelf has high storage efficiency and is suitable for short-term storage and picking of large quantities of goods. It can be equipped with el......
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  • The production of heavy duty warehouse racking
  • Post Time:11/30/2020
  • There are many different types of logistics shelves to adapt to different types of logistics warehouses. These types are almost composed of columns, beams, support beams and laminates (floor panels), but because of their different compositions, These logistics shelves can be adapted to a variety of different warehouse storage. Some merchants will ask how our logistics shelves are produced? Or ask whether the components in the logistics shelf are produced independently? Storage equipment man......
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  • Which type of warehouse is generally suitable for mezzanine floor shelves?
  • Post Time:11/19/2020
  • The mezzanine floor shelf can also be called the shelf compartment. The mezzanine floor shelf is named because its overall shape and structure are almost the same as the attic. It builds a loft on the warehouse space or on the original shelf. The mezzanine floor shelf load-bearing capacity is relative to the medium-sized The shelf is relatively strong, it can increase the warehouse storage capacity by nearly 2 times. As one of the equipment for storing goods in the warehouse, the mezzanine flo......
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  • How to define gravity flow racking
  • Post Time:10/28/2020
  • The gravity fllow racking is a kind of shelf equipment widely used in the market. It is also one of many shelf products. Although the fluent shelf is also a shelf, it is somewhat different from the ordinary shelf we know. The structure of the fluent shelf is quite special, and some customers are not very clear about its advantages and disadvantages. We can also call the gravity fllow racking as a sliding shelf, which uses fluent strips made of aluminum alloy to store goods. The longspan of t......
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  • How to use the mezzanine floor racking in your warehouse?
  • Post Time:10/26/2020
  • In some warehouses with relatively large environments, we can often see some unique racking equipment. These racks have many platforms, and goods can also be stored on the platforms. This is what we often call mezzanine floor shelves. The role of the mezzanine floor shelves is to more effectively use the warehouse space that is not usually used, so what are the precautions when using this shelf? Generally speaking, warehouses that need to use mezzanine floor shelves will not be small warehous......
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  • Introduction of mezzanine floor shelves
  • Post Time:10/23/2020
  • After so many years since the development of the shelf industry, its position in the market has become very stable. Nowadays, when it comes to shelf products, I believe that everyone will not feel unfamiliar. Not only in the warehouse, we can often see shelf products in our daily lives. , Let’s take a look at the development history of mezzanine floor shelves. Mezzanine floor shelves is a typical shelf product. In the mezzanine floor shelves structure, in addition to the bottom shelf used to ......
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