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  • Characteristics and precautions of shelf in narrow roadway
  • Post Time:1/21/2022
  • Narrow roadway shelf is a special shelf. Its prominent characteristics are reflected in the word "narrow". It needs the cooperation of corresponding forklifts to play its greater role. It is precisely because the channel of this shelf is very narrow and the channel space has been greatly reduced, which makes the storage space of goods larger than other storage shelves. The excess space can be used to build more shelves and greatly improve the storage space. It is a kind of dense shelf with its......
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  • Introduction to later shelf maintenance
  • Post Time:1/18/2022
  • There are many precautions after the installation of the shelf. Only when it is properly used can the greatest advantage of the shelf be brought into play. How to maintain the shelf in the later stage? Let's have a look. First, when designing the stacking standard for new products entering the warehouse, in addition to paying attention to the height of the whole plate of goods and not exceeding the height, we should also pay attention to the load and not exceeding the loading capacity of each ......
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  • Height requirements for fluent shelves
  • Post Time:1/13/2022
  • Although there are many types of warehouse shelves, most of them need to be customized by the manufacturer, and the design scheme needs to be designed according to the needs of customers and the internal situation of the warehouse. The length, width, height, number of layers and load-bearing size of warehouse shelves can be designed according to the needs of customers. Customers think the scheme is appropriate, and then sign a contract and pay advance payment to order production. Since warehous......
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  • How to use storage shelf safely
  • Post Time:1/11/2022
  • The use of heavy shelves is one of the common and widely used shelves, which is suitable for the vast majority of goods or products in the warehouse. Its volume is very large, and it usually carries heavy goods, so when it collapses, the consequences are very serious. The following is how to solve the problem of safe use of heavy storage shelves. The following is a detailed introduction of spieth storage equipment shelves, In order to ensure the safe use of heavy shelves. The ground for insta......
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  • Application characteristics of foldable storage cage
  • Post Time:1/7/2022
  • Storage cage, also known as storage cage. It is a tool for daily warehouse management and warehouse operation. It is generally designed as a foldable structure. There are high foot type, some wheel mounted type, and a combination of the two. In the case of stacking, its height can reach four layers, realizing three-dimensional and multi-dimensional storage. The utility model has the advantages of strong use force, spot welding of steel bars, stronger structure, simple operation, wide applicatio......
  •
  • What are the advantages of shuttle shelves
  • Post Time:1/5/2022
  • With the development of warehousing logistics, shuttle shelf plays an important role in it, and is widely used in various industries. The main function of shuttle shelf is to improve the utilization rate of warehouse space. It is mainly suitable for enterprises with small types but large quantity. It is a good choice for manufacturers with small warehouses. In recent years, with the rapid increase of storage demand and the shortage of land area, the concept of intensive storage is very popula......
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  • Introduction to wire shelving
  • Post Time:12/29/2021
  • Wire shelving is a rack that is used for putting sundrie, it is composed of base panel and upright. Wire shelving is supported by some brackets and steel shelf. The structure is unique and well-design. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble. The wire shelving is very clean and beautiful. Opening designing make the sundries are very easy to see and make room very tidy. Currently wire shelving is widely used in our daily life. There are many sundries in kitchen, this make it necessary to p......
  •
  • Heavy storage shelves are widely used in combination with their own advantages
  • Post Time:12/27/2021
  • Heavy shelves are widely used in warehouses, express companies, construction sites and other places. No matter which kind of goods are more suitable to carry, but because of its strong universality, it is widely used in the market. The heavy shelf is mainly composed of beam and self-locking bolt, and the height and width can be adjusted according to the size of goods. The connection mode of large goods shelves mostly adopts simple locking mode, which is characterized by arbitrary disassembly.......
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  • Composition and characteristics of medium and heavy laminate shelves
  • Post Time:12/23/2021
  • The laminate shelf is named because the appropriate laminate is designed on the basic shelf according to the actual needs. Under the support of column and beam, each floor has separated base plates, so it is also called partition shelf. Goods can be placed directly on the laminate, or can be better used with pallets and other equipment. What are the composition and characteristics of medium-sized laminate shelves and heavy laminate shelves, so that this type of shelves are generally popular and......
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  • What are the advantages of fluent shelf
  • Post Time:12/20/2021
  • Fluent shelves are suitable for low cost, fast storage speed, high density, high storage efficiency, short-term storage and sorting. They are widely used in supermarkets, medicine, chemical industry, electronics and other industries. At the same time, they are also suitable for process conversion on both sides of the assembly line, sorting in the distribution center, and warehouses with high automation and high delivery frequency. Fluent shelf can also be called sliding shelf, which is made ......
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  • What are the characteristics of push back shelf
  • Post Time:12/16/2021
  • Push back shelf is a kind of high shelf. The shelf system is derived from the pallet shelf. Therefore, it is also called press in shelf, which is usually used together with forward moving forklift and counterweight forklift. So what are the characteristics of push back shelves? Let's have a look. Push back shelf features: 1. When the push back shelf is operated by a forklift, the forklift only needs to operate at the lower end of the shelf channel without entering the forklift channel. 2.......
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  • You must understand these before buying heavy shelves
  • Post Time:12/13/2021
  • The most remarkable feature of heavy shelf is its strong cargo carrying capacity, which can maximize the formation of three-dimensional structure to place goods in a limited storage area. And because its own material selection is generally high-quality steel, the bearing capacity of each layer is very large, which is conducive to the stacking and placement of goods of the same type. The application fields of heavy shelves are generally concentrated in large storage centers. The warehouse stor......
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  • What are the characteristics of the drive in shelf
  • Post Time:12/10/2021
  • The drive in shelf is also called corridor shelf or through shelf. The drive in shelf can be used for forklift (or unmanned carrier with fork) to drive into the channel to access goods. In addition to the cargo space close to the passage, since the forklift needs to enter the interior of the rack to access the goods. In order to improve the operation speed of forklift, guide rails can be selected and configured according to actual needs. Let's take a look at some features of the drive in shelf ......
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  • What is the dual depth storage shelf and its characteristics
  • Post Time:12/7/2021
  • Double depth storage shelf is an upgraded version of heavy shelf. It is a shelf extended from heavy shelf. In fact, its structure is also very simple. The reason why this shelf was born is to cooperate with special forklifts. Compared with ordinary shelves, double depth shelves save a forklift channel. Therefore, under the same warehouse area, double depth shelves can store more products. Generally, it is suitable for companies with more goods to cooperate with corresponding forklifts. It is ......
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  • What are the functions of storage shelves
  • Post Time:11/30/2021
  • Storage shelves are very common in many factories, warehouses and other places. Storage shelves are used by more and more companies as an essential storage auxiliary equipment to control costs and improve work efficiency. They play an indispensable role in how to make full use of warehouse space and improve the inventory volume of the warehouse. Storage shelves are so popular, what role do they play in storage? I believe you will know the important role of storage shelves when you see the chara......
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