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Why are drive-in racking systems most used in cold storage

Why heavy shelves are commonly used in warehouses to store goods and there are few drive-in shelves to store goods in warehouse? And why are the drive-in racking systems mainly used in the logistics industry and cold storage? 

Because the main storage method of drive-in racking system is to store goods with less types and huge scale of quantities. In order to avoid disorderly storage of goods in the warehouse, a large number of products, in the selection of shelves need to be customized the drive-in racking system according to the actual demand to store the amount of goods to a high utilization rate and affordable price. 

Due to the use of pallets in the cold storage of more goods, the use of forklift taking goods up and down can not only improve work efficiency but also make the warehouse management convenient and beautiful. The height of each level of drive-in racking can be adjusted, and the number of levels can be customized according to the height of the goods. Warehouses with large storage capacity and import and export are generally used to through type shelves, because the goods are stored for a long time, not often taking in and out of the goods. 

Drive-in racking is designed for high storage density without special pathway. The forklift would drive in the aisles when loading or picking pallets. Drive-in racking has good storage density, suitable for material warehouse or cycle warehouse with high efficiency or timely operation.

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