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Composition and characteristics of medium and heavy laminate shelves

The laminate shelf is named because the appropriate laminate is designed on the basic shelf according to the actual needs. Under the support of column and beam, each floor has separated base plates, so it is also called partition shelf. Goods can be placed directly on the laminate, or can be better used with pallets and other equipment. What are the composition and characteristics of medium-sized laminate shelves and heavy laminate shelves, so that this type of shelves are generally popular and used. 

We can roughly divide the laminate shelves into heavy-duty laminate shelves and medium-sized laminate shelves according to the load-bearing of shelves and the placement of goods. Generally speaking, heavy-duty laminate shelves are heavier than medium-sized laminate shelves. At the same time, they are more solid and can bear more heavy goods; The medium-sized shelf is similar to the heavy partition shelf, with beautiful appearance. Under the appropriate design, each layer of the shelf can bear a large weight value. 

The laminates of heavy and medium-sized laminate shelves are generally made of steel and wooden laminates. Steel laminates have stronger compression resistance and wear resistance than wooden laminates. Steel laminates have stronger hardness. They can place heavy and large goods such as hardware and mechanical parts. The wooden laminate is more convenient to use and relatively light in weight. It is used to place things with small weight or goods that are not too large, and things with small volume are also more convenient to store. The wooden laminate can be protected on its surface to make it more beautiful and practical. 

In actual use, the large weight bearing capacity of each layer is of course different according to the overall material and structure and the material of the laminate. The large bearing capacity of each layer of heavy-duty laminate shelf can generally reach about 5000kg, while that of medium-sized laminate shelf is generally about 500-800kg. How to reorganize the shelf properly and reasonably, so that the shelf can be combined with other supports, or the load can be greater.

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