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Features and advantages of fluent shelf

Fluency shelf is also known as sliding shelf. Fluency shelf adopts fluency strips such as roller aluminum alloy and sheet metal. The fluency strips are directly connected to the front and rear beams and middle support beams, and the beams are directly hung on the pillars. The fluency shelf makes use of the dead weight of the goods bench to take inventory from one channel and take goods from the other channel, so as to realize first in first out, convenient storage, and one replenishment and multiple pickup. It is widely used in manufacturing, commerce, distribution centers, assembly workshops and warehouses with high delivery frequency, with high space utilization. It is especially suitable for auto parts factories, and can be equipped with electronic labels to realize the information management of goods. 

Features and advantages of fluent shelf 

1. Adopt roller type aluminum alloy and other fluent strips, and use the self weight of the goods to realize the first in first out of the goods. 

2. Convenient access, suitable for both sides of assembly line, distribution center and other places.

3. It is suitable for the storage of large quantities of similar goods, with high space utilization, and is suitable for auto parts factories.

4. Fluency shelf increases the space capacity of storage. The space design and layout of fluency shelf will increase the circulation rate of products and reduce the manual repetition rate of the whole link. Therefore, this is the key to effectively improve the operation effect. 

5. The utilization rate of unit shelf is very high, and the shelf height is less than 2.5m. For many users, the load rate of single layer generally needs to meet their actual storage needs. Only in this way can they meet the storage needs of storage shelves. 

6. Accelerate the utilization of products and increase the recycling utilization of space 

The advantage of fluent shelf is that it can not only bring the best storage space effect to the enterprise, but also provide effective guarantee for the later professional operation, which is also the key to the operation of professional enterprises. Therefore, in this regard, the convenient storage benefits brought by fluent shelves are particularly important.

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