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Heavy storage shelves are widely used in combination with their own advantages

Heavy shelves are widely used in warehouses, express companies, construction sites and other places. No matter which kind of goods are more suitable to carry, but because of its strong universality, it is widely used in the market. 

The heavy shelf is mainly composed of beam and self-locking bolt, and the height and width can be adjusted according to the size of goods. The connection mode of large goods shelves mostly adopts simple locking mode, which is characterized by arbitrary disassembly. The heavy shelf is divided into two types: one is the beam type heavy shelf. The structure is not easy to be damaged under external force and has large bearing capacity. The second is the shelf of heavy tray. The installation of the frame is very simple. Although it is light, it has large carrying capacity and low price, which is favored by the market. 

According to different loading items, different accessories can be installed on heavy shelves according to the actual situation, such as baffle, net cover, guide rail, article protection layer, etc. The heavy load shelf is a frame structure. The more the shelf layers are, the smaller the bearing capacity is. Due to the customizable characteristics of heavy-duty support, no matter how many tons of goods can be customized to heavy-duty shelves, it is very convenient. 

Although the loading combination of heavy shelves is more convenient, users should choose different specifications according to the loading requirements, article number, the actual space size of the warehouse and the height that can be raised during forklift loading. It should be noted that when shipping goods, attention should be paid to the increasing order of weight from high to low. In order to comply with the principle of high-rise light weight and low-grade counterweight, the weight of each layer shall not exceed the large capacity that the shelf can carry. During the transportation of goods, they shall be placed gently and in full order to avoid the impact and damage to the shelf caused by the forklift during loading. When putting things, please remember not to stand at the bottom of the shelf, so as to avoid casualties caused by the collapse of goods. Do not use non-standard cardboard pallets during the reconstruction of heavy cargo racks. If the materials used are not standardized, the goods will not be stored firmly.

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