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Height requirements for fluent shelves

Although there are many types of warehouse shelves, most of them need to be customized by the manufacturer, and the design scheme needs to be designed according to the needs of customers and the internal situation of the warehouse. The length, width, height, number of layers and load-bearing size of warehouse shelves can be designed according to the needs of customers. Customers think the scheme is appropriate, and then sign a contract and pay advance payment to order production. Since warehouse shelves can be customized, how high can fluency shelves be? 

Warehouse shelves are mainly used to store some light goods, and the access mode is mainly manual access. Since it is manual access, the height of the shelf cannot be designed too high, otherwise it will affect the access efficiency. The height of fluent shelf will not exceed 3M, and it is generally designed to be about 2.5m. This height is suitable for manual access and can store more goods. Of course, if it is equipped with equipment such as climbing ladder to assist in accessing goods, the shelf height can be designed higher, but the efficiency of accessing goods will be reduced. 

The operation principle of fluent shelf is similar to that of gravity shelf. It uses the self weight of goods to slide down automatically, which is very conducive to the picking of goods. Goods that go first can come out first, so it is also called first in first out shelf, so fluent shelf is widely used in e-commerce logistics industry.

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