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How to prevent warehouse shelves collapse

Warehouse heavy duty racking is a common type of racking in the storage racking system. Its space utilization rate is relatively high, and the access is flexible and convenient. From time to time, we see some incidents about the collapse of heavy shelves in warehouses on the Internet. How to prevent the collapse of shelves? 

1. The quality of the shelf 

Reason: The quality problem of the warehouse's heavy-duty shelves affects the storage effect and safety issues. If the quality of the purchased shelves is unqualified or unstable, it is likely to collapse. Solution: When purchasing shelves, be sure to choose a qualified shelf manufacturer and understand clearly. It is not recommended to buy cheap shelves. When choosing a shelf manufacturer, you can choose more and see the manufacturer's situation. 

2. The carrying of the shelf 

Reason: The warehouse's heavy-duty racks have a prescribed load-bearing capacity. If the goods are stored beyond the prescribed load-bearing capacity, uneven loading and light weight of the racks are also one of the reasons for the shelf collapse. Solution: You can set load-bearing information in a conspicuous place on the shelf to remind others to adhere to the principle of light objects at high places and heavy objects at low places. 

3. Improper operation of handling equipment 

Reason: The driver hit the heavy shelf of the warehouse while operating the forklift, which also damaged the shelf, causing the shelf to collapse. 

Solution: 1. Set up as wide aisle as possible: Although large space rate is the goal of every warehouse, wider shelf aisle allows drivers to work faster, especially for inexperienced drivers, whose limited corridors are too narrow to operate forklifts It will be unsafe. 

2. The installation of the crash barrier: This is a cheap and simple way to protect the shelf. The heavy-duty warehouse shelves in the corner posts are easily impacted by forklifts, so any type of foot guard fence can well prevent the shelves from being damaged by forklifts. 

3. Limit the speed of the forklift: the speed of the forklift does not exceed 8 miles per hour, and the speed of close to pedestrians does not exceed 3 miles per hour. Low-speed operation should also be suitable for the heavy-duty racking area of the warehouse. In the rack aisle, the tunnel near the corner or rack should be the area where the forklift slowly walk

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