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How to use storage shelf safely

The use of heavy shelves is one of the common and widely used shelves, which is suitable for the vast majority of goods or products in the warehouse. Its volume is very large, and it usually carries heavy goods, so when it collapses, the consequences are very serious. The following is how to solve the problem of safe use of heavy storage shelves. The following is a detailed introduction of spieth storage equipment shelves, In order to ensure the safe use of heavy shelves. 

The ground for installation of heavy-duty shelves shall be flat, so as to ensure that the shelves are evenly distributed on the ground and are not easy to collapse under the action of external forces. Shelves shall be placed in a ventilated and dry environment to prevent potential safety hazards caused by shelf rust. Overload of goods is strictly prohibited. The weight of the goods shall not exceed the maximum weight of the shelf design. 

The height and width of shelves are limited, while the size of cards and goods should be slightly less than 100mm. During the operation, the forklift should be handled as lightly as possible to avoid falling down on the shelf. It should be on the top floor, and the principle of weighing should be on the bottom floor. 

When the goods are placed on the top of the shelf, the operator should try not to enter the bottom of the shelf. If the crossbeam and column are found to be seriously damaged, the manufacturer shall be informed in time to replace them. 

The above is an introduction to the safe use of heavy shelves. Heavy shelves have a large volume and a large load, so attention should be paid to safety issues in the use process to reduce the occurrence of hazards.

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