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How to use the folding storage cage correctly

Storage cage  is an important and frequently used logistics container in storage and transportation, also known as warehouse cage, butterfly cage, folding storage cage and iron cage. 

Storage cage is also widely used in the market. It can not only save space, but also has transportation function. It is a very important product in the storage industry and is deeply loved by everyone. How to use it correctly? Let's have a look. 

1、When empty cages are stored, they are folded to greatly reduce the occupation of space and facilitate the recovery of empty cages among enterprises. 

2、The storage cage can be stacked up to four floors high to realize the three-dimensional storage of the warehouse and save space. 

3、The storage cage can be used together with hydraulic vehicle, forklift and tractor, which effectively improves the work efficiency, realizes the mechanization and semi mechanization of internal logistics in the factory, and greatly reduces the labor cost. 

4、The storage cage can be used together with each machine, and the semi-finished products can be directly put into the cage and enter the next process to avoid the next handling, which effectively saves the labor cost and improves the production efficiency. At the same time, it also standardizes the production workshop, makes the production workshop more tidy and hygienic, and ensures the safety of employees. 

5、It can be used with shelves, which is more convenient for product management. 

Only the correct use can make the storage cage give full play to its maximum effect, and the use time will be longer. Of course, the later maintenance is also very important. If you still want to know, you are welcome to consult at any time. We will give you the most professional answer and look forward to your coming.

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Unit 401, No. 623 Sishui Road, Huli District, Xiamen , China