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Introduction to wire shelving

Wire shelving is a rack that is used for putting sundrie, it is composed of base panel and upright. Wire shelving is supported by some brackets and steel shelf. The structure is unique and well-design. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble. The wire shelving is very clean and beautiful. Opening designing make the sundries are very easy to see and make room very tidy. 

Currently wire shelving is widely used in our daily life. There are many sundries in kitchen, this make it necessary to put a rack for storage those sundries. Wire shelving is very clean and simple in structure,it will be very useful to storage those sundries, can take and put sundries very easy. 

The material for wire shelving is chrome mostly, this is a very strong and hard metal material. The surface of wire shelving is galvanized. If you need, the surface treatment can be also coating powder. When compared with other materials, this kind of chrome is not easy to bend or distorted. But chrome is easy to corrupt if it is exposed in water. Wire shelving is very flexible in using. There is a hook in every inch of upright. The height of wire shelf can be adjusted at random. Wire shelving is widely used now. The model and specification is very complete. It can be design into many product series according to space features. Such as kitchen bedroom study and office series. Besides it is also widely used in hotel factory and shopping mall and so on. Generally speaking, wire shelving is very beautiful and practicable in all fields of industry. It can be also used in displaying.

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Unit 401, No. 623 Sishui Road, Huli District, Xiamen , China