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Related issues of warehouse mold shelves

The warehouse mold shelf is specially designed for molds, and the weight of the mold is generally relatively large. If used improperly, it will cause the warehouse mold shelf life to shorten and even cause accidents! So when buying warehouse mold shelves, pay attention to the following points.

Points to note for warehouse mold shelves: 

1. The mold rack bears a heavy load, so the material used is very important. When purchasing mold racks, you must pay attention to the thickness and quality of the rack company's material selection; also pay attention to the rack manufacturer's manufacturing process, such as whether the spot welding is firm, whether there are missing solder joints, etc. 

2. The key is to check the strength of the shelf company when choosing a shelf company, and you must choose a manufacturer with a strong reputation, good service and good service. Remember that you get what you pay for. When choosing a shelf company, always put quality first, and you can't just consider price. Professional manufacturers not only guarantee the materials, manufacturing process and quality, but also have their own professional transportation and installation teams to ensure installation, transportation and after-sales service, ensuring that any problems encountered by users during use can be quickly resolved. 

3. The installation process is also extremely critical. During the installation process of the mold rack, first ensure that the fastening screws are locked; whether the drawer plate safety screws are all installed in place; whether the anchor screws are well laid, etc.; if the drawer plate is from behind Put it in, even if you forget to install the safety screw, the drawer will not fall from the front. And if the drawer board is inserted from the front, it is very dangerous to forget the safety screws. Therefore, after the mold rack is installed, you must carefully check whether each firm screw is locked to prevent accidents. 

4. After the mold rack is installed, it must be used in accordance with the mold rack safety manual provided by the rack company during use. Someone used a gourd to pull the mold shelf diagonally during use without following the safety manual, which changed the force of the mold shelf and caused the mold shelf to tip over due to uneven force. At the same time, push the drawer back to its original position in time after using the mold shelf.

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