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Storage shelf safety inspection

Why should we conduct storage shelf safety inspection? 

As a kind of storage equipment, there are various uncertain factors in each stage of its planning, design, manufacture, installation and use. If any of them does not meet the standard, it may damage the storage shelf and cause serious potential safety hazards. Once the storage shelf collapses, it will have a great impact on the normal operation of the enterprise, which may lead to goods loss and even casualties. Therefore, it is necessary to take preventive measures. In particular, the cost of storage shelf safety is not high. Therefore, for any enterprise using storage shelves, periodic safety inspection is a necessary means to maintain good business benefits. 

Under what circumstances do you need to start storage shelf safety inspection? 

1. If your storage shelves are damaged or at risk of damage 

2. If you want to ensure that your storage shelves meet the requirements of occupational health and safety regulations 

3. If you need to identify unsafe factors that may lead to the collapse of storage shelves 

4. If you can't determine the carrying capacity of your storage shelf 

5. If you want to reduce the adverse consequences of warehouse shelf collapse on the normal activities of your enterprise

Then, you need to carry out professional safety inspection on your storage shelves. 

The safety inspection of storage shelves shall be carried out by competent professionals. For the determination of "professional competence", there is no quantitative standard, only customer recognition. Generally, qualified inspectors are recognized by customers. At present, the storage shelf Inspection Engineer (Sari) certified by the British storage equipment manufacturers association (SEMA) is internationally recognized. Through professional preliminary examination, professional training, professional written examination and practical operation examination, you can obtain the qualification of sari. At the same time, we should participate in sustainable career development and maintain the professionalism of testing.

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Unit 401, No. 623 Sishui Road, Huli District, Xiamen , China