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The Fact Of Carton Flow Pallet Rack

Carton flow racking is also called sliding racking. It uses roller aluminum alloy, sheet metal and other fluent strips. It uses the weight of the goods rack to store goods from one aisle and pick up goods from the other aisle to achieve first-in first-out, convenient storage, and one-time replenishment. The goods have been picked up many times. The fluent shelf has high storage efficiency and is suitable for short-term storage and picking of large quantities of goods. It can be equipped with electronic tags to realize easy management of goods. Commonly used sliding containers include turnover boxes, parts boxes and cartons, which are suitable for large quantities of goods and short-term storage and picking. Suitable for short-term storage and picking of large quantities of goods. It is widely used in distribution centers, assembly workshops and warehouses with high frequency of shipments. 

However, you may not know some terms of fluent shelf. Next, the shelf factory will answer the explanation of the terms you encountered when buying fluent shelf. 

The length or span of the shelf. The length and span of the storage shelf refer to the length of the shelf beam, which is mainly determined by the length and width of the goods you place on the shelf. 

The width of the shelf. The width of the storage shelf refers to the width of the column group, which is mainly determined according to the width of the goods. 

Shelf height. We often hear people say how high a certain shelf is. In fact, the shelf height refers to the height of the shelf column. It is mainly determined by the height of the plant, the weight of the goods, and the convenience of access to the shelves. 

The number of shelves. The number of shelves is mainly determined by the total height of the shelves and the total height of the goods. 

The shelf is high. The shelf height mainly refers to the height of the shelf. 

The loading capacity is also the load-bearing capacity of a single layer. When it comes to this, it should reflect the weight that each layer can bear, not the total load-bearing capacity of the shelf. This must be clear, or it will make a joke. And load-bearing is also an important factor that shelf manufacturers consider first. Because it is a prerequisite for designing shelf specifications. Without him, everything behind will be impossible to talk about. Therefore, shelf buyers must first clarify this problem. It is not that the larger the bearing capacity is, the better, and the reasonable shelf bearing capacity should be customized according to your actual requirements. Here is a simple example to illustrate this problem more vividly. Take the electronics factory as an example, the electronics factory generally stacks electronic parts, which are more expensive, but relatively light, and each layer does not weigh more than 300KG.

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