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The production of heavy duty warehouse racking

There are many different types of logistics shelves to adapt to different types of logistics warehouses. These types are almost composed of columns, beams, support beams and laminates (floor panels), but because of their different compositions, These logistics shelves can be adapted to a variety of different warehouse storage. 

 Some merchants will ask how our logistics shelves are produced? Or ask whether the components in the logistics shelf are produced independently? Storage equipment manufacturers take the opportunity of this article to tell you, for reference only, this production process still depends on the actual situation. 

Logistics storage shelves 

1. The steel is stored in the warehouse. Manufacturers generally buy large coils of Q235B steel, which is a kind of steel with stronger bearing capacity. 

2. Steel rolling, positioning punching, bending, welding and polishing. The steel is rolled first, the desired shape is rolled in the mold, and then positioning and punching are performed. Set a certain value on the punching machine, and the steel will appear in a certain position, followed by bending. This is for steel plates. , And then welding and polishing. The welding places such as the pillars and foundation plates, beams and hanging ears should be welded. After welding, they should be polished smooth and beautiful. 

3. Surface treatment of semi-finished shelves. The surface of the shelf is sprayed with electrostatic powder, which can prevent a certain amount of rust. The surface of the shelf must be treated with pickling, phosphating, and constant temperature curing before spraying. 

Precautions for custom warehouse shelves  

1. Quality. When customizing warehouse shelves, the quality of warehouse shelves of cheap manufacturers is generally not good, and some even cut corners for their own losses. The quality of warehouse shelves of expensive manufacturers will be very good, and they will be safe to use Reliable Q235B steel is used for manufacturing. 

2. Warranty period. The shelf life of the warehouse is generally about 15 years. Manufacturers with cheap racks generally cannot guarantee that the warehouse shelves can be used for a few years. If the warehouse shelves are expensive, they can guarantee that the warehouse shelves can be used for several years.

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