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What are the characteristics of push back shelf

Push back shelf is a kind of high shelf. The shelf system is derived from the pallet shelf. Therefore, it is also called press in shelf, which is usually used together with forward moving forklift and counterweight forklift. So what are the characteristics of push back shelves? Let's have a look. 

Push back shelf features: 

1. When the push back shelf is operated by a forklift, the forklift only needs to operate at the lower end of the shelf channel without entering the forklift channel. 

2. The principle of combining track and pallet trolley is adopted. The track usually has a slope of about 3 °. The pallet trolley runs along the track, and then the pallet goods can only be stored at one end by using the self weight of the goods. 

3. The overall structure of the push back shelf adopts the "spring clip" principle. When the tray is placed on the trolley, it will be pushed into the shelf, so it can realize first in and then out. 

4. The use of push back shelf can effectively reduce the damage of goods in loading and unloading operation, and the safety and operation efficiency of stored goods are high. 

As an important type of shelf in the logistics and storage industry, push back shelf is more and more widely used in the market. Different shelves have different places of use. Only by selecting the most appropriate shelf according to their own needs can they play the greatest function. If you want to know more about the push back shelf, please feel free to consult.

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