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What are the characteristics of the drive in shelf

The drive in shelf is also called corridor shelf or through shelf. The drive in shelf can be used for forklift (or unmanned carrier with fork) to drive into the channel to access goods. In addition to the cargo space close to the passage, since the forklift needs to enter the interior of the rack to access the goods. In order to improve the operation speed of forklift, guide rails can be selected and configured according to actual needs. Let's take a look at some features of the drive in shelf with me. 

Features of drive in shelf: 

1. Drive in shelf is a kind of shelf type with dense cargo storage. It is stacked in multiple layers, which saves space and can be used with forklift. It is a kind of shelf type with high degree of automation. 

2. Drive in shelves are usually used to store goods with few varieties but large quantities and low requirements for goods picking. 

3. Based on the conventional scheme that the lifting height of ordinary forklift and the number of shelf layers in the corridor are three layers, the effective storage of goods in the warehouse has been greatly improved. In contrast, the cost has been reduced and the benefit has been significantly improved. 

4. The entry shelf goods follow the principle of first in and last out, which is suitable for the storage and transportation of most handling machinery. 

Because the goods stored in the drive in shelf are relatively dense and the stability requirements are very high, there are relatively many shelf accessories required. Through the connection between the accessories and the shelf column, the goods can be safely and intensively stored on the corbel beam to maximize the use of space.

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