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What are the methods to clean the through shelf?

With the rapid development of the through shelf industry, the shelf manufacturing technology has become more and more mature, but the mature technology will face a series of problems after a long time. For the through shelf, a big problem is the oxidation of the surface, which will cause the problem of shelf strength and affect the normal use of the shelf. Therefore, we still need to master some cleaning methods in our daily life. The shelf manufacturer will analyze it for you: 

1. Wipe with a soft cloth slightly soaked in water. After wiping, dry it immediately or wipe off the water on the surface with a soft cloth to avoid water penetration. After cleaning, the wooden surface can be treated with care spray wax to keep the surface of the through shelf shiny. 

2. When cleaning the through shelf, it is not allowed to spray wax directly, because if it is not used properly, fog spots may be formed on the surface of the shelf. When wiping the dust, it is not suitable to wipe with a dry rag. It is recommended to wipe with a wet rag, so that the effect of wiping the dust will be better. 

3. It is not easy to use corrosive products, such as detergent, when cleaning through shelves. It will seep into the wood over time, making the wood moldy or partially shaped. Regularly clean the dirt around the shelf to avoid small insects eating the wood. 

4. The through shelf shall not only be wiped clean, but also the accessories of the shelf: laminate, square hook and end frame. Sometimes the hook is greasy and can be wiped clean with a towel with degreasing agent. Pay attention to cleaning flies and mosquitoes when arranging shelves. Keep the inside and outside of the freight yard clean at all times to ensure that insects and bacteria do not breed. 

5. Detergent such as soapy water and detergent should not be used to wipe the through shelf, because these liquids have certain corrosivity and will cause certain damage to the shelf.

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