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What information needs to be provided for shelf customization

Warehouse shelves are used in almost every warehouse with a kind of storage equipment. In order to make better use of the original space of the warehouse, shelves are indispensable in the warehouse. Different storage methods can choose different styles shelf. Custom-made shelves are customized according to the amount of material stored. 

Most people think that shelf manufacturers will have shelf stock. Generally speaking, not all shelves are in stock. For example, some shelves with larger sizes or heavy loads are heavy-duty shelves, and shelf manufacturers do not stock them, because each has different needs and stores different products, it takes some time to manufacture it according to customer needs. 

So what kinds of information does the custom shelf need to provide? The customization of the shelf is determined according to the storage requirements of the product. We generally need you provide information such as the size dimension (Length*Width*Height), layer count, loading capacity per layer and quantity. Customers can also provide objects that need to be loaded, or the scope of use, so that we can customize them for reference. Of course you can also choose the styles to customize by pictures. As long as providing this general information to us, the complete information quotation will be more detailed. 

For most companies and the entire market demand, the demand for ordinary shelves is constantly increasing, new manufacturing industries and new factories are being built, and the shelf industry is constantly expanding. Aceally Storage Shelf Manufacturers specialize in the production of heavy duty racks, mezzanine floor, mold shelves , medium duty racks, carton live storage racking, cantilever racking, drive-in pallet racking, etc..And we can provide warehouse layout and quotation, pre-sales and after-sales service, welcome to call to map, sample, custom, various forms of warehouse shelves.

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No.1 Business Center Building, Wuyuan Bay, Huli District, Xiamen, Fujian, China