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Which pallet racking have height limited

Factory shelves have a large load-bearing capacity, and each layer of storage shelves can carry more than 800kg. It is quick and convenient to access. It is a widely used pallet cargo storage system and has strong versatility. Its structure is that the racks are divided into several rows along the width of the warehouse, with lanes in between, for stacking cranes, forklifts or other handling machinery to pass. 

The types of factory shelves can be suitable for many warehouses, but some relatively low warehouses are not suitable for certain types of shelves in the factory shelves. Next, the editor will explain which types of factory shelves have height restrictions

Medium-sized shelf: It is designed with bolts and is composed of columns, beams, laminates, etc. It is easy to install. Medium-sized racks are lighter than heavy-duty racks, and their load capacity is smaller than that of heavy-duty racks. Medium-sized shelves generally use a pitch of 50mm height to adjust the upper and lower spaces required, and the overall height is generally about 2 meters. Height restriction of medium-sized racks: In the warehouse, medium-sized racks are generally operated by manual access. Forklifts are used to assist in moving goods. This operation is very rare, so the total height of medium-sized racks is designed to be about 2 meters. 

Medium-sized shelves in factory shelves 

Mezzanine floor pallet racking is a storage equipment system that combines the platform with the corresponding shelf. The height of loft-style shelves is also a combination of upper and lower floors or upper, middle, and lower heights. The load capacity of each layer of the unit shelf is usually within 500kg, the height of the floor spacing is usually 2.2m~2.7m, and the height of the top shelf is generally about 2m, fully considering the convenience of the staff. 

Height restriction of attic shelves: Attic shelves are used to store and store goods manually, mainly considering the height of the person. The average person is about 1.7 meters, and the bottom floor generally has a height of about 2 meters. Otherwise, it is inconvenient to access the goods manually, or even Seriously affect factory production efficiency. 

Drive Through-type shelves: As a kind of dense warehouse shelves, the centralization of inventory and the convenience of use of the through-shelf has become the choice in specific industries. Through-type racks are fully plug-in assembly structure, column pieces are assembled structure, the total depth of the shelves near the wall is generally controlled within the depth of 5 pallets, and the total depth of the shelves that can enter and exit on both sides of the middle area is generally controlled within the depth of 10 pallets . The height of the through-type shelf is generally about 10 meters, but in the case of personalized customization, the height can be increased in a targeted manner, and the scientific height design evaluation is carried out according to the top level of the warehouse and the load-bearing capacity of the columns.

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