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You must understand these before buying heavy shelves

The most remarkable feature of heavy shelf is its strong cargo carrying capacity, which can maximize the formation of three-dimensional structure to place goods in a limited storage area. And because its own material selection is generally high-quality steel, the bearing capacity of each layer is very large, which is conducive to the stacking and placement of goods of the same type. 

The application fields of heavy shelves are generally concentrated in large storage centers. The warehouse storage capacity of large enterprises is a factor whether they have greater competitiveness, so it is particularly important to buy heavy shelves. There are a wide variety of heavy shelves on the market. 

The first thing you should pay attention to when buying heavy shelves is quality. When it comes to quality, it is directly reflected in the materials selected when making shelves. There are generally no special requirements for the material selection of light shelves, but the material selection of heavy shelves should be carefully paid attention to. 

1. Generally, cold rolled steel is selected for the production of heavy shelves, because cold rolled steel is superior to hot rolled steel in steel strength and flatness, and cold rolled steel greatly retains the integrity of steel in its own production process, which is much better in metal memory effect and fatigue effect than hot rolled steel. Therefore, if you need to carry higher heavy shelves, you need to pay special attention to the selection of shelf materials. 

2. Stability of heavy shelves. The most important thing of the shelf is stability. There are often many uncertain factors in the use of the shelf, so this is the time to test the stability of the shelf. Therefore, before purchasing heavy shelves, we should know more about the stability of this type of shelves and reasonably evaluate the anti risk ability of the shelves, which is particularly important for the purchase and later use of the shelves. 

3. Be sure to select the most suitable shelf for your plant, considering the height, width and maximum bearing capacity of the shelf, including the planning of the warehouse, so as to customize the type of heavy shelf that best meets the warehouse.

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