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How to use the mezzanine floor racking in your warehouse?

In some warehouses with relatively large environments, we can often see some unique racking equipment. These racks have many platforms, and goods can also be stored on the platforms. This is what we often call mezzanine floor shelves. The role of the mezzanine floor shelves is to more effectively use the warehouse space that is not usually used, so what are the precautions when using this shelf? 

Generally speaking, warehouses that need to use mezzanine floor shelves will not be small warehouses. Such warehouses are generally large, with a large number of stored goods and complex types. If you use general racking equipment, you may not be able to use the space above the warehouse to store goods, because the height of the rack cannot be designed too high, and the high height will lead to poor shelf stability. 

The structural composition of the mezzanine floor shelves can well solve the problem of structural instability, because we can also store goods in the mezzanine, and the load-bearing capacity of the mezzanine will be quite different according to the material specifications used. The most important thing is that workers in the attic can also work. In order to improve the convenience of work, they can also use some small mechanical equipment such as trolleys to transport goods. 

Mezzanine floor shelves are relatively common in large enterprises. When using this kind of shelf, we should pay attention to some usage specifications, especially the load-bearing capacity of the shelf. mezzanine floor shelves cannot store goods whose weight exceeds the load-bearing capacity, otherwise it will The warehouse brings huge losses.

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