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  • - Boltless Rivet Shelving -
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    This style of shelving storage is also called “Boltless Rivet Shelving” or “Bulk Rack.” In a similar way to pallet rack, the riveted beams slide into the slots in the posts. This convenient boltless design is easy to assemble and highly configurable.

     If necessary can be quickly adjusted to keep pace with any change to your storage requirements. It is suitable for virtually every kind of items from small components to heavy cartons. The modular design allows the maximum useful storage volume to be achieved, with units extending to the ceiling if required.

    Boltless shelves/rivet shelves assemble with rivets rather than the standard bolts, clips, and fasteners that are used to construct other, similar types of shelving. Built in at the ends of each individual beam, the rivets lock firmly into keyhole-shaped slots on the posts to form the rigid storage. The construction is that easy! There’s no need for special tools - apart from a rubber mallet to fix the shelf levels in place.

    Boltless Rivet Frame Construction
    Easy to assemble, two people recommended
    Hammertone Grey Powdercoat
    Adjustable MDF shelf levels
    Strong and durable design
    100kg per shelf weight load capacity, evenly distributed
    Independently weight load tested, certificate available upon request