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    Advantages of structural characteristics of cross beam shelf

    365 Feb 22-2022
    Beam type shelf  belongs to heavy-duty shelf, which is a kind of shelf produced and sold by storage shelf factory. Because the goods stored in any location can be conveniently picked, it is also known as selective shelf, location shelf, pallet shelf, etc. The beam type shelf has stable structure, firmness and durability, and convenient disassembly and assembly. It is suitable for any goods. It is widely used in e-commerce logistics, bonded warehouse, third-party logistics, factory and mining enterprise warehouse, etc. it is a storage shelf used more in automatic three-dimensional warehouse. 

    Structural features of cross beam shelf: 

    1. Safe, firm and reliable, simple and beautiful structure. The installation can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the site conditions, and the goods in and out of the warehouse are not affected by the order, which is convenient. It is widely used in the storage mode of pallet cargo container storage and forklift mechanical access. 

    2. The layer load requirements can be determined according to the size of the column and beam, and the beam adopts the special C-type buckle beam structure. The shelf beam has the characteristics of large moment of inertia, strong layer load capacity, strong impact resistance, light weight and low cost. 

    3. On the basis of beam shelves, drawer mold shelves, attic shelves, narrow roadway shelves, double depth shelves, press in shelves, automatic three-dimensional warehouse shelves, etc. are built. 

    4. It can not only effectively improve the storage height of the warehouse, but also improve the space utilization of the warehouse. 

    5. It can be equipped with column foot guards, anti-collision rods, anti-collision guardrails, etc. to prevent the forklift from running in the channel and hitting the shelf column. In order to improve the safety of the pallet used for the shelf, it can also be equipped with beam supports, steel laminates, wood boards, laminate nets and other ancillary facilities on the beam. 

    6. The cost of cross beam shelf is low, and the installation cost is low. Its flexibility and versatility can effectively improve the economic benefits of enterprises to a certain extent. 

    7. Because the goods stored in any location can be conveniently picked, the storage of goods is convenient. Meet the use of any goods in any warehouse. It is the shelf in the storage shelf.