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    Characteristics and advantages of cross beam shelf

    28 Jan 27-2022
    Crossbeam shelves are widely used, including electronics, home appliances, communications, computers, instruments, furniture, clothing, automobiles, tires, supermarkets and other industries. Crossbeam shelves have also been widely used in high-level warehouses. 

    Characteristics and advantages of cross beam shelf: 

    1. The crossbeam shelf has simple structure, safety and reliability, and can be adjusted and combined arbitrarily. The in and out of the warehouse is not limited by the sequence of items. 

     2. The column piece is formed by connecting the column, cross brace and diagonal brace with bolts. The column piece and C-type holding welding beam are inserted to form the shelf frame, which is fixed with safety pin, and the structure is simple and reliable. 

    3. The cross beam shelf has the characteristics of large moment of inertia, strong layer load capacity and strong impact resistance. The large layer load of each layer can reach 5000kg / layer under the relative design. 

    4. It can be molded very large. It can be built on the basis of tray shelves. It can also be made into special oil barrel shelves, etc. 

    5. The beam shelf can effectively improve the storage height of the warehouse and improve the space utilization rate of the warehouse. 

    6. The shape of the crossbeam shelf is safe to prevent the collision of forklift, and the column foot protection and anti-collision bar can also be added. In order to make the layer load safer, the beam support, laminate, mesh span beam and other auxiliary facilities can also be arranged on the beam. 

    7. The crossbeam shelf has the advantages of low cost, convenient installation and operation, easy to find cargo space, and is suitable for any handling tool. 

    8. Crossbeam shelves can also be equipped with laminates, which can be steel plate, dense ammonia plate or grid.