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    Home-News- Industry News-How Does The High Density Storage Shelving Working?

    How Does The High Density Storage Shelving Working?

    43 Feb 21-2020

    Ways of density storage: 

    drive through racking

    1. Take full advantage of the height 

    The most representative in terms of height is the rack supported mezzanine floor. Due to its high space utilization and high efficiency mode, it has become a major field of electronics, medicine, food and beverage, clothing and apparel, tobacco and printing. Mezzanine floor racking becoming an important storage form for enterprise logistics and production. 

    2. The channel width should be appropriate

    At present, the types of warehouse intensive shelves mainly include Drive through racking, mobile shelves, push back racking, and radio shuttle racking. These shelves increase the floor area ratio of the warehouse by reducing working channels, electric control and mechanized operations. 

    3. Highly compatible with the channel and in sequence

    The representative for this situation is the large multi-layer shuttle rack, which has the characteristics of carrying goods by itself, making the forklift only need to work on one side of the shelf, leaving only the space of the forklift, and other spaces are available. Full use, not only saves aisle space, but also has four times higher volume ratio than selective pallet racking at the same height.