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    Saudi Arabia Drive in Rack

    1003 Jun 20-2021

    Drive In Rack is widely used for the storage of large quantities and few varieties of goods. The packaging of these goods is unified and the products are single, such as food, tobacco, cold storage and other warehouses, it is usually recommended that single side pick up not exceed 7 cargo space depth.
    Aceally Drive in Rack is widely used for cold storage in Middle east, it help to improve the warehouse space, and improve the site area utilization rate.

    Project Details:

    Project Type: Drive in Rack (First In Last Out)
    Industry: Cold storage
    Project Date: 20th,June, 2021
    Location: Saudi Arabia
    Area: Around 1000sqm

    Kindly let me know if you have interests in this kind of mezzanine system or you have the related requirements, pls don’t hesitate to contact with us. We will work out the best solutions for you and do the most supports as well. Thank you. 

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