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    Some Main Issues for Drive-in Racking Systems

    36 Mar 02-2018

    Some Main Issues for Drive-in Racking Systems

    Drive-in Racks (Drive-through Racks) are one of the most commonly used shelves for intensive storage. Almost double the storage capacity in the same space than usual pallet racking. Benefit by the shelves for NONE roadway between the rows of shelves and the cargo in the same row to maximize the capacity utilization. Compared with the selective pallet racking, the warehouse usage rate can reach about 80%, warehouse space usage rate can be increased more than 30% are widely used in wholesale, cold storage, food and tobacco industry. Here some following issues should be pay attention to:

    drive in pallet racking system

    1. The stability of Drive-in Racking systems are more weaker than other racking, the height of this racking should not be too high, generally less than 10m, in addition to the system also need to install a solidification device.

    drive in pallet racking system

    2. The FIFO system is not suitable for small quantities, varieties of cargo;

    drive through racking

    3. There are restrictions on the type of forklift, forklift generally require a smaller width, vertical walking better stability.

    drive in racking system

    4. The total depth of the shelves in the wall area can be designed to be up to 7 pallets in depth. The total depth of the pallets entering and exiting the middle area is usually within 9 pallets, to improve the efficiency and reliability of forklift access.

    drive through racking system

    5. Single supporting cargo should not be too large, heavy, usually less than 1500KG weight, the tray span should not be more than 1.5 meters.