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    What are the advantages of shuttle shelf

    362 Nov 26-2021
    In modern logistics, storage shelves have formed many kinds. Among these kinds, each type of shelf has its own unique design structure and function, which is responsible for storing various types of products and goods. As a semi-automatic storage shelf, the automatic storage function of shuttle shelf has improved the environment in many enterprise warehouses. Let's analyze the shuttle shelf together.

    Like its name, the working mode of the shuttle shelf is mainly to access products through the shuttle. What are the advantages of this working mode. 

    1. In terms of the quantity of goods stored, the shuttle truck shelf has no limit on forklift storage, so its height can be very high, which means that the same shelf can store more goods. 

    2. The space utilization rate has been improved. The shuttle storage mode saves the forklift channel for the warehouse and can put more shelves in the warehouse memory, which greatly improves the space utilization rate in the warehouse. 

    3. The product is stored in a clear and tidy position, which makes it more convenient for employees to take inventory of goods. Employees only need to input instructions, and the shuttle will perform corresponding tasks according to the instructions, which reduces the labor force and saves the cost to the enterprise.

    The reason why the shuttle shelf can be welcomed by so many enterprises must have its reason. A shuttle shelf can bring great benefits to enterprises. Although the shuttle shelf will be expensive in the early stage, its advantages will be brought into full play in the later use process.

    Therefore, in the logistics and warehousing industry, large warehouses need shuttle cars, which can greatly reduce space occupation and improve utilization. It is a very effective shelf type. If you are interested, you are welcome to consult.