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    Xiamen International Marathon---Love Running, Love The City

    787 Jan 06-2021
    January 6th, 2019, at the beginning of the new year, in the beautiful coastal city of Xiamen, Xiamen International Marathon began its journey. 

    In order to be more involved in serving the public, our colleague Kylin wang, signed up for the marathon volunteer service, and our company's executives Iris Hou signed up for the marathon. 

    The Marathon long-distance running is a very popular long-distance race in the world. The journey distance is 26 miles and 385 yards, which is equivalent to 42.195 kilometers (also known as 42.193 kilometers). There are three types: Full Marathon, Half Marathon and Quarter Marathon. The most popular marathon is the most popular, generally referring to the marathon, which refers to the full marathon. 

    Running in China is already one of the three national sports campaigns. Baidu Business Research and the Data Mining Industry Alliance released data show that in the search intention of citizens about sports, running is the second only to square dance and yoga. “Amoy Xiamen city”, the 2019 Xiamen Marathon started firing at 7:30 am on January 6th. A total of more than 36,000 runners signed up. The actual number of participants was 28,208, including 46 invited athletes. The 37 outstanding domestic players gathered in Ludao and ran on the 42.195-kilometer high-value, high-quality Xiamen-Malaysia track, which perfectly demonstrated the marathon spirit of tenacious struggle, never giving up.