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  • - Drive In Pallet Racking -
    Home-Products- Warehouse Racking Solutions - Drive In Pallet Racking -Drive-in Pallet Storage Racking System
    Drive-in Pallet Storage Racking System
    Drive-in Pallet Storage Racking System
  • Drive-in Pallet Storage Racking System
  • Drive-in Pallet Storage Racking System
  • Drive-in Pallet Storage Racking System
  • Drive-in Pallet Storage Racking SystemDrive-in Pallet Storage Racking SystemDrive-in Pallet Storage Racking System

    Drive-in Pallet Storage Racking System

    Heavy duty drive in racking system is a system where the pallet is supported on the edge of the pallet and the forklift truck drives into the pallet racking.

    Drive-in Pallet Storage Racking System

    Drive-in Storage rack System is specially designed to utilize maximum floor space, through the suppression of aisles.

    Brief Introduction
        •  High density storage allows a great number of pallets to be stored per cubic metre than other storage system
        •  High optimization of warehouse space
        •  Reduce the goods damage
        •  Low stock rotation suitable for seasonal goods and fluctuating stock damand
        •  Ideal for cold and chill storage, bulk storage applications, batch dispatching
        •  Maximizes your warehouse space, Ideal for a wide range of big and bulky items 

    * Drive in racking system, special emphasis in the selection of the appropriate uprights and other supports structures is essential

    Features & Advantages
        •  Prevent the pallets colliding with the sides of the racking structure.
        •  Allow lift trucks to be equipped with side wheels so that they are centralized when moving inside storage aisles
        •  Available OEM design
        •  Leveling of the shelving system
        •  Uniform loading

    * Drive in racking system can store up to 75% more pallets in the same size space than the Selective Pallet Racking System, it depends on your application, but it requires fewer aisles.

    * It is designed for store few varieties and large quantities of similar goods with maximum space utilization, goods are stores and removes from the same side, or from the opposite side in accordance with 'First-in, First-Out' Principle, It is especially suitable for standard goods units.

    * The trucks drive into the racking to load or unload goods, retrieve pallets, which are stored on cantilevered rails running through out the system. The First pallet in is the last one out FILO(First-in, Last-Out) system, unless a Drive-Through system is used whereby pallets can be loaded or retrieved from either side.

    * The forklift trucks drive in the tracks on the shelves specially designed to support the pallet along the pallet sides.Stacking often up to 10 meters high and 4 or 5, but sometimes more than 10 deep. This system can provide a very dense storage capacity, often low in access and rotation of products. As the truck enters the shelves, special precautions apply to ensure design compatibility between truck, pallet and load the racks.

    Drive-in Pallet Storage Racking System
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