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    Aceally Warehouse storage racking systems

    420 Sep 20-2022
    In storage equipment, racks refers to the storage equipment specially used to store items. Warehouse heavy duty racks occupy a very important position in logistics and warehouse, with the rapid development of modern industry, material flow greatly increased, in order to realize the modern management of the warehouse, improve the role of the warehouse, not only need a large number of shelves, but also need more role, and can achieve mechanization, automation requirements. Storage racks customization - The role and function of the racks are as follows:

    (1) Racks is a kind of frame structure, which can make full use of warehouse space, improve the utilization rate of storage capacity, and expand the storage capacity of the warehouse.

    (2) The goods stored on the racks are not squeezed, and the material damage is small.

    (3) The goods on the racks are easy to store and store, easy to count and measure, It’s improve the efficiency of forklift.

    (4) In order to ensure the quality of stored goods, moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-theft, anti-damage measures can be taken to improve the quality and durability of stored goods.

    (5) The structure and function of many new racks are conducive to realizing the mechanization and automatic management of the warehouse.

    ACEALLY(INTERNATIONAL) GROUP CO,.LTD. with more than 20 years experience and committed to building a world-leading integrator of storage system solutions for space intelligent manufacturing and related fields. We have full confidence to make you and your customer satisfy.
    Aceally group been set up close to professional galvanized industrial park, and we have more than 8 automatic rolling lines, which generate beams, box sections and step sections. Aceally’s high standards in the design and its manufacturing of the systems enables our products with a 10 years warranty.
    With more than 20 years experience. We have full confidence to make you and your customer satisfy.