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    Are you still learning about the radio shuttle pallet rack project?

    273 Jan 29-2024

    Radio shuttle pallet racking Project Benefits

    radio shuttle rack

    1. Cost savings

    The shuttle system is cost-effective, saves labor costs and improves work efficiency.

    2. Achieve high-density storage

    Compared with ordinary shelves, the space utilization rate of shuttle racks is greatly improved. Its tracks can be made into many rows, which can achieve more depth of cargo spaces. Within its limited space, the number of warehouse products can be stored.

    3. Reduce cargo damage

    Compared with traditional through-racks, there is no need for forklifts to drive into the rack lanes, reducing the occurrence of human-made accidents.

    4. Strong scalability

    Additional shuttles can be added and operated simultaneously to achieve a more efficient work process.

    5. Cargo management

    radio shuttle rack

    The shuttle can organize and count goods on the track according to instructions, reducing management costs and ensuring personnel safety. It is a new choice for palletized goods storage.
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