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    Home-News- Industry News-Automated stereo library: why are they growing in popularity?

    Automated stereo library: why are they growing in popularity?

    265 Jan 26-2024

    Automated Stereo Warehouse: A New Concept in Warehouse Equipment

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    Automated Stereo Warehouse, also known as the high rack warehouse, is a new concept in warehouse equipment. It utilizes automated logistics equipment to achieve rationalization, automation, and simplicity in warehouse operations, reflecting a company's technological capabilities. It is composed of shelves, stackers, AGV handling vehicles, shuttle four-way vehicles, and operation control systems.

    Automated Stereo Warehouse utilizes high shelves to store goods, with stackers or AGV handling vehicles as the mainstay, to automatically complete the storage and retrieval of goods based on control instructions. It also manages the inventory of stored goods.

    automated warehouse rack system

    Warehouse Characteristics

    The early concept of the automated warehouse was to increase space utilization. Generally, the space utilization of automated warehouses is more than double that of traditional warehouses, which helps enterprises form advanced automated logistics systems and improve production management levels.

    Automated Stereo Warehouse utilizes advanced material handling equipment to automatically store and retrieve goods based on demand within the warehouse. It integrates computer management with automated material handling equipment to make the warehouse a critical link in production logistics. Nowadays, with the high cost of human labor, reducing various costs for enterprises has become an important strategy for research.

    In manufacturing industries, logistics costs account for a significant proportion of all costs. According to relevant data, materials and storage management, as well as cost control, impact the market and are closely related to enterprise efficiency.

    The basic technology of Automated Stereo Warehouse has become increasingly mature, and more and more enterprises are adopting it. Many enterprises not only build large-scale automated stereo warehouses, but also construct many small and medium-sized automated stereo warehouses based on their own needs. According to statistics, with the sustained development of the national economy, the demand for automated stereo warehouses is increasing day by day, and it has also been widely applied in industries such as tobacco, medicine, and machinery. In the future, there will be a greater demand for automated stereo warehouses.

    automated stereoscopic library


    Efficiency improvement: Automated warehousing adopts advanced automation technologies, including intelligent warehouse management systems, automated storage and retrieval systems, etc., greatly improving warehouse operation efficiency and reducing labor costs.

    High precision: Automated warehousing systems track and manage inventory through automated equipment and software, reducing human errors and omissions and ensuring the accuracy and integrity of inventory.
    Space optimization: Automated warehousing systems enable orderly storage and efficient management of goods, increasing warehouse space utilization and reducing storage costs.
    Enhanced safety: Automated warehousing systems enable rapid inventory counting and safety supervision, reducing the loss and damage of goods and improving warehouse safety.

    Strong adaptability: Automated warehousing systems can adapt to various warehouse environments and types of goods, meeting the personalized needs of different enterprises.