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    Explaination of Each Pallet Racking Systems

    424 Jun 24-2019
    Selective Pallet Racking is the most common form of storage for decades. Since the first retailer began to run out of space, this simple and effective form of racking provided the backbone of every successful business. 

    While the basic principle behind pallet racking has not changed over these years, what has changed is the scope and type of products to be stored, the most important is, fast and safe access to delivery to their final destination. All these changes led to the development of various types of pallet racking systems, and access means. 

    Selective Pallet racking still the first choice of storage for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, logistics companies and even museums and other warehouses around the world. 

    With many shapes and options to choose from - and many permutations that can be merged or installed together - how do you find the right option for you? 

    Aceally Racking: The best place to start is to create a checklist of the key storage issues you are experiencing in your process. The most mentioned include: 
    - Waste of space over stress 
    - The selection process is inefficient and slow 
    - Waste of corridor space 
    - Over-reliance on specialized forklift trucks 

    All selective pallet rack will handle these problems to a great or lesser extent, so now is the time to determine which type will give you the solution based on your priorities. 

    1. Warehouse Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking This can be a great solution when storage space is limited. It allows quick order picking and quick access to any section of the system. With a height of up to 12 meters, narrow-pallet rack shelves may prove to be good value for your investment. 
    2. Standard Warehouse Aisle Pallet Racking While the platforms accommodate racking up to 30 meters long with maximum load from the bay for more than 30 tons, this system provides high stability and unrestricted access all the times. The system provides versatility and assembly with single or double-deck shelving. Additional features and a wide range of accessories are also available.