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    Warehouse longspan pallet shelves

    377 Jun 03-2021

    Longspan pallet shelves are modern storage shelves. Not on ordinary shelves. They not only combine the characteristics of traditional shelves, but also have their own unique advantages. The structure of longspan shelving shelves is similar to that of ordinary lofts, combining shelves and steel platforms to form its own unique high-quality complementary advantages. They use other types of shelves to effectively supplement. The disadvantage of actual storage is that the work in the warehouse is more orderly and efficient. 

    In some artificial warehouses, the height of personnel is usually between 1.5-1.8 meters. If the height of the warehouse is about 5-8 meters, the use of other types of shelves will cause a certain amount of space waste, and the inability to make full use of the top space will increase some storage costs. Although the platform above the mezzanine shelves can effectively coordinate this effect, the structure lacking two to three floors can be used as an upper space, and it can also be conveniently operated manually. 

    Warehouse longspan racks are types that are easy to access and manage. The shelves of the attic are usually under the upper shelves of the steel flat floor. The floor is made of cold rolled steel sheet. The characteristics and advantages of this material are: strong bearing capacity, uniform force, smooth surface and easy to lock. And according to the actual use environment, design different lighting systems and auxiliary equipment, such as stairs. The above advantages promote the demand for manual storage operations and warehouse management. 

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