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    How should the attic shelf be maintained daily

    338 Feb 27-2023
    Attic type shelf (Mezzanine Rack) is to use the shelf system to build a second floor or multi-storey attic system in the warehouse or plant, so as to create more usable space. Attic shelves (Mezzanine Rack) can meet the requirements of customers in precise size, weight, color and other aspects. At present, attic shelves are widely used in electronics, home textile and other industries., It has become one of the necessary products for warehousing. As warehouse managers, we not only need to understand the convenience brought by attic shelves to warehouse utilization, but also need to know how to maintain them on a daily basis? So as to prolong the service life of the shelf. 

    1. Overloading is strictly prohibited No matter what type of shelves, there are specified loads. Therefore, as a warehouse or plant manager, we must understand the limited load of shelves. Do not put overweight products on the shelves. It is best to mark the load of goods at the prominent position of each shelf. In addition, when placing products, it is necessary to put heavy objects on the bottom and relatively light products on the upper layer; 

    2. High temperature and humidity proof. Although the column and beam of the shelf are made of steel, and the surface has been pickled, phosphated and sprayed with plastic at high temperature, they may rust after being damp and exposed to the sun for a long time, thus affecting the service life; 

    3. Formulate the maintenance system of storage shelves. Only when the staff learn and abide by them can they ensure the safety and service life of the shelf. Generally, the equipment can be cared for by wiping, cleaning, lubrication and adjustment, so as to reduce the probability of shelf damage and help enterprises reduce costs; 

    4. Storage shelves shall be inspected regularly in five. That is, regularly check the tightness of the bolt connection of the shelf; Regularly check the stress of the cross beam when storing goods on the shelf; Regularly check whether there is paint falling off of shelf parts and timely repair paint; Regularly check the stability of the shelf. You can stand in the shelf and shake the shelf gently to check its stability under stress. Regularly check the connection between the beam and the column for damage; 

    The above applies not only to attic shelves (Mezzanine Rack), but also to any type of warehouse shelves. As managers, it is necessary to keep the above in mind, so as to make our warehouse shelves last longer.