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    How to Assemble Rivet Shelving

    411 Apr 09-2024
    A rivet shelving system is designed for light to medium-duty manual storage applications, suitable for any storage needs in warehouses, homes, offices, or retail spaces. It is manufactured using high-quality steel from China's listed company, Baosteel, and crafted with precision. As a boltless system, assembly and configuration of this rivet shelving are straightforward. They are lightweight, durable, and cost-effective, making them highly economical.


    - High-quality steel material
    - Quick, DIY boltless assembly
    - Corrosion-resistant surface ensures durability and longer lifespan
    - Customizable shelves using galvanized steel, wire mesh panels, or particle boards
    - Professional appearance and sturdy design make it suitable for any commercial setting. The columns and beams of the system make it ideal for home studios, record storage, or merchandise displays at retail points. As your needs expand, more boltless units can be easily added or shelf layers rearranged.

    How to Assemble Rivet Shelving:

    Assembling our boltless rivet shelving is quick and simple. Begin by placing plastic foot caps at the bottom of each column. To assemble the rack structure together, nylon hammers are used to position the lower and upper beams. It is crucial to ensure that the side beams form a 90° angle relative to the columns before tapping the threaded components. Once installed, place the remaining four layers of side beams. Next, install the lower beams in the same manner as the side beams, ensuring they are at the same level. Shelves should be inserted before placing all the beams. Finally, install the next layer from bottom to top. It's that simple!

    Boltless and rivet shelving systems are a type of industrial shelving that can help expand the storage capacity of your warehouse, archive record storage facility, or supply room. Browse our selection to find the perfect boltless shelving solution for your workspace, or contact ACEALLY. for help figuring out what storage can best meet your needs.