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    How to maximize the efficiency of storage shelf operations

    177 Sep 07-2023
    We all know that the walking time of warehouse personnel accounts for at least 60% of the overall working time. According to this situation, we can design the placement of the shelves to reduce the walking time of personnel and improve work efficiency.
    Design points of storage shelves:
    The size requirements of the shelf are related to the materials or containers carried, and the size can be customized. Aceally is a professional warehouse storage racking system manufacturer tailor-made for you to ensure safety and maximize the lifting space.
    In addition, it is unrealistic to rely solely on the control of process nodes and the ideological education of people to meet the strict requirements of speed and accuracy. Therefore, the basic investment of logistics equipment is an important detail of warehouse shelf planning.

    Storage shelf placement skills:
    In the placement of storage shelves, some people often pay attention to how many storage shelves can be placed at most, thinking that the more storage shelves are placed, the higher the utilization rate of the warehouse, but the feasibility and convenience of actual operation will often be be ignored. For example, only a single row of shelves can be placed on the side against the wall, which is a practical point of feasibility. If double rows are placed on the side against the wall, then the inner row of shelves cannot be put into the product, and it will be very difficult to take it out. Instead Putting a single row of shelves against the wall will cause too much wasted space.
    The placement of products is closely related to the overall beauty. In storage shelves, the requirements for placement of products lie in the particularity of the goods, mainly in whether they can be stacked, hung, vertically, horizontally, or in bulk. The design of storage shelves should ensure that the goods have an appropriate area and space when they are stored, so that the goods can be effectively arranged in a horizontal arrangement to display the differences in their varieties.
    Sort by shelf inventory turnover. The goods that are frequently accessed should be placed on the storage shelf closest to the entrance and exit; of course, with the change of product life cycle, season and other factors, the inventory turnover rate will also change.
    The marking of the goods should face the aisle, not only the outer layer facing the aisle, but also all the markings of the goods should face the aisle, facing the same direction, so that the staff can always work smoothly without interrupting the work to confirm the marking, Convenient work, improve work efficiency.
    In fact, whether it is for customers in e-commerce or other industries, the planning of warehouse shelves is not a small investment. It is recommended that when planning in the early stage, it must be fully considered to avoid unnecessary problems in the later use process. produce.