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    Wire mesh container features

    275 Jul 18-2023
    Wire mesh container(Storage cages) are also called warehouse cages and butterfly cages. They are very important logistics containers in storage and transportation. They have the advantages of fixed storage capacity, neat stacking, clear storage, and easy inventory inventory. At the same time, they also improve the effective utilization of storage space.  The storage cage can be folded freely, and can also be folded and stored when not in use, saving warehouse space.

    1. It is made of high-quality steel through cold rolling and hardening welding, with high strength and large loading capacity.

    2. The specifications are unified, the capacity is fixed, the stored goods are clear at a glance, and the inventory is easy to check.

    3. Galvanized surface, beautiful and anti-oxidation, long service life.

    4. It adopts international standards and can be used in conjunction with containers to effectively improve space utilization.

    5. Can be stacked four layers high to achieve three-dimensional storage.

    6. Surface environmental protection treatment, sanitation immunity, turnover, storage and recycling will not pollute the environment.

    7. Cooperate with forklifts, ground cattle, elevators, cranes and other equipment to carry out efficient operations.

    8. Foldable structure, low recycling cost, not easy to damage, it is a substitute product for wooden packing box.