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    Introduction of shuttle rack

    1439 Apr 21-2022
    As a shelf rising in recent years, radio shuttle rack has been more and more recognized by customers, and the market prospect is very strong. Today, I'd like to introduce radio shuttle shelf to you. 

    The shuttling of the shuttle shelf comes from his auxiliary tool shuttle truck. Its structural form is very similar to our traditional through shelf, and it also evolved from the through shelf. Only the action of the through shelf to drive the forklift into the shelf channel is replaced by the shuttle truck. The forklift only needs to store and store goods at the end of the shelf. Let's introduce its basic components first: 

    1. As the framework of the shelf, the column is an essential component of all shelves. There are many forms of columns. The column of shuttle shelf is the column form of heavy shelf. Considering the uneven ground, it is generally equipped with adjustable floor. 

    2. The two ends of the supporting beam are welded with track connectors to fix the shuttle track. In special cases, the beam can be enlarged. When the span is large or the load is large. 

    3. Considering that the shuttle car running on it is generally made of galvanized material, and the thickness is also different according to the load-bearing requirements. Generally, it is 2.0-3.0mm thick. 

    4. The support connecting rod is generally angle steel, which meets the requirements of strengthening the stability of the overall structure. 

    5. In order to prevent the goods from colliding with the column when accessing the goods, the inlet shall be equipped with baffle, forklift baffle and other auxiliary facilities. 

    Advantages of shuttle shelf: 

    1. Large storage capacity: as long as one access channel can access goods, if first in first out is required, only two channels can meet the requirements. Generally, the sensing distance of the shuttle can reach more than 50 meters, and the storage rate can reach more than 75%, which has the advantage of storage capacity. 

    2. Compared with the storage of goods on the shelf, it has the same function of first in, first out and storage, and can greatly improve the efficiency of first out. 

    3. Safe and stable. Compared with the traditional through shelf, the number of cargo spaces through the shelf is generally no more than 10, and the forklift has to drive into the shelf to access the goods, while the shuttle has completed the task of internal access through the shuttle. The forklift workers can pick up the goods at both ends, greatly improving the safety of operation. 

    Advantages and disadvantages of shuttle shelf: 

    1. Shuttle shelves have the common disadvantage of high-density storage shelves, that is, the stored goods require a large amount of the same batch, the products are single, and the goods on each layer are required to be the same batch. If the product packaging is not unified, such problems can be solved through unified pallets. 

    2. The later maintenance cost is high, because the shuttle backup battery needs to be replaced once every 1-2 years according to the service frequency.