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    How to improve the work efficiency by place the racking system

    302 Sep 27-2018
    According to figures, traditional warehouse workers spend almost above 60% time at walking purely during a day. Avoiding such a waste of time, the reasonable design of Racking system placement is very important, which can significant improve the work efficiency. So, How to design a efficiency placement of racking system? And the following are some principals of placement of racking system:

    1) Principal One: DO NOT GO BACKWARDS!

    This is basic principal of the warehouse distribution.

    No matter for the orders shipment outgoing or the supplier shipment incoming,it must be guaranteed that all goods keep executed in order.

    2) Principal Two: The guidance of warehouse racking system.

    It is premise of the reasonable design of racking system.

    racking system is original design based on the specifications of warehouse & the SKU box, including the upright, water pipe and so one. And it must following the principal of no exposed.

    The racking system is vertical arranged by brand. The racking of  new products are arranged on the front of warehouse, and the racking of  best seller products are arranged behind of the new product. and then is the racking for the plain pin. And the drug are far away. Making sure the principal of the efficient turnover of the product in a short distance. The efficient turnover product should be virtual directly in&out from warehouse, which can make the finished goods to the express through warehouse.

    3) Principal Three:SPEED SUPREMACY!

    It makes all things come in flocks.

    The E-commerce face retail investor, there are highly requires about the speed and accuracy. Any one of the mistakes is not acceptable, we should done it in a 100 % correctly. It is impractical that we want get the highly requires about the speed and accuracy by controlling the process of each steps  or by educating human's thought.So Aceally racking system is a basic investment and very important detail for a project of warehouse racking system.  Which means plan the warehouse racking system with a long term planning first, then make the investment. Because the optimum capacity and the efficient speed are both very important of the warehouse racking structure. Such as: the flowing SKU box, the fire-fighting equipment, the monitoring aids, the collector network, the pallet and machine and so on.

    4) Principal Four: The details of planning merchandising mode

    It needs starting a tactical principle around the core

    The detail plans for the warehouse working equipment. The logistic of E-commerce are facing a market without smoke of gunpowder. We are fight with the inventory, also fight with the rate of wrong delivery and the rate of delay.

    How to avoid them? Making a board contain with the rate of wrong delivery and delay, we should make it as a fight goals. And act as the following ways.

    01)→ The key points for design and placement of warehouse racking system

    The types of the bearing freight and the container of bearing freight has relation with the require size of racking system. The size can be customized, but the best size which offered by Aceally, on the one hand the size from us is much more professional, on the other hand if there is problem, it is very easy figure out the responsibility. The handling equipment of racking system. If you have the the transportation equipment like truck or forklift, you should considered about lot of other things, like the forklift capacity, the size of equipment and so on.

    We should concern about the ground bearing of the warehouse, and we need get the specific information from the contractor. when this happen to the heavy duty racking system, we should care much more about it.

    The way of storage freight and the time of storage. There are lots of freight in warehouse, and they are storage for different time. So we need consider how to make the racking system placed be more effective and reasonable ways to storage freight in a highly using effectively.

    02)→ the tricks of placed the racking system

    In the placed of racking system, lots of people think if we can set some more racking pallet, shelving or other racking system in warehouse, the more racking system place in warehouse , the more highly effective using of the warehouse will be. Actually, this is wrong, because it only care about the quantity of the racking system, and ignore the quality of the racking system. We should take much care about the convenient and the feasibility of actual operation. Such as if there are only one choice suitable for a single boltless rivet shelving next to garage wall, and you wanna add one more, which makes you difficult to storage and take out the stuff. Or if you wanna place this boltless rivet shelving in the center of the garage, you will be very inconvenient to using your garage.

    As we know , how to place the product is an art, the placement of whole is connected with every single freight. In racking system, there are some special requirements for the freights, which shows on the way of placements, like stacks, hangs, in bulk and so on. The design of racking system should under a suitable area and space for storage, which should makes freight storage in a clearer and varieties.

    Sorting  the storage under a reasonable turnover. Put the frequently goods near to the exit of the racking system. Also with the change of the life cycle of the product, and the seasons, the turnover of stock will be change as well.

    About the marks of the storage freights, it should be faced  the channels. Not only put the outside of the storage freights' mark faced the channels, but also all of the marks should be faced the channels. Only in this way, all the worker can working fluency and efficiency.

    In a word, no matter for the E-commerce or other business trade, racking system is a big investment. So Aceally Group suggest you, if you wanna racking system, please consider all situation, and if you have any question, please feel free to contact us.