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    The Most Efficient of Warehouse Storage

    451 Mar 03-2017

    'Pallet rack' is the most efficient of warehouse storage solutions used for store goods and other heavy duty items. Drive-in pallet rack can be reach a truck for load or unload goods usually between 2.5-4 meters. For a narrow aisle we offer a set of VNA Pallet Rack(Very-Narrow-aisle) with aisle as smaller as 1.6 meters and covered by a VNA narrow aisle truck. For a limited warehouse area, Mezzanine Floor Racking System will be help.

    Different kinds of pallet rack can be used in a widely field, but the most important of getting the right choice is the key to any project safe and efficient. To reach the successful project, pallet racking systems must be designed by a professional engineer to fit the warehouse and the handing equipment. 

    With an adjustable beam, which is easily installed, cost effective and commonly used for pallet racking storage system allows direct stored to each pallet. To select from various pallet racking storage system frame uprights and beams, warehouse pallet racking should be meet a standard height or weight,wahouse square meters,layers and capacity also required. Contact us now for a professional directly advice.