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    Home-News- Industry News-Tips for Safety Use of Pallet Racking - How to Avoid Accidents

    Tips for Safety Use of Pallet Racking - How to Avoid Accidents

    410 Feb 28-2020

    1. Prevent shelf overload. Anti-overload is a basic problem. Any goods stored on the shelf cannot exceed the maximum load capacity of the shelf. Overweight will cause great damage to the shelf, it is likely to cause the shelf to collapse and collapse, and bring huge losses to the enterprise. 

    2. To prevent ultra-high, manufacturers will design shelves with appropriate heights according to the information of the enterprise. Once the height of the shelves is too high, instability will occur when storing goods. 

    3. When operating forklifts and other equipment, you need to be careful not to hit the shelves, because the forklift equipment is very heavy, once it hits the shelves, it will cause some damage to the shelves. If a collision occurs, it must be checked in time to see if a problem occurs. 4. It is necessary to replace damaged and problematic pallet racking beams and columns in time. Although a series of treatments are performed when manufacturing shelves, rust and oxidation cannot be avoided after all. Therefore, every time you use it, you need to arrange for inspection. If you find rust or damaged parts, you must replace it in time.