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    Features of angle steel shelf

    967 Apr 08-2022
    The key point of slotted angle steel shelf lies in its free combination, convenient disassembly, high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, stamping, easy adjustment and transformation. It can be equipped with MDF cargo steel laminates according to different load, the column is angle steel, and the height of the laminate can be adjusted up and down at a pitch of 50mm. 

    The cost of angle steel shelf is low, safe and reliable. The top layer and bottom layer of shelf are connected with column by double angle code and screw, which makes the shelf stable. It can be widely used to assemble light material frame, worktable, tool car, suspension system, safety net and support framework. The universal angle steel shelf has less investment and wide use, which can meet various application requirements; the shape of the angle steel shelf in the removable warehouse is beautiful, the performance is superior, the disassembly is convenient, and it can be freely combined. 

    Angle steel shelves are widely used in factories of major enterprises. In use, the advantages of angle steel shelves are also outstanding. The number of floors changes freely, which can place various goods. The products are displayed with great strength and beautiful appearance. The single layer of angle steel shelf is expected to bear a maximum load of 150 kg, and the surface is treated by baking paint or spraying plastic, with strong corrosion resistance and color adhesion. Standardized products, using plug-in assembly, fast delivery, instant use. 

    As a light shelf in the shelf system, angle steel shelf is easy to assemble and use, which is popular in the market. If you are interested, you can consult.