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    What is double depth storage shelf

    1346 Apr 19-2022
    Double depth storage shelf is an upgraded version of heavy-duty shelf. It is a shelf extended from heavy-duty shelf. In fact, its structure is very simple. The reason why this kind of shelf was born is to cooperate with special forklift. Compared with the ordinary shelf, the double depth shelf saves a forklift channel, so in the same warehouse area, the double depth shelf can store more products. In general, it is suitable for companies with more goods to use with corresponding forklifts. 

     Features of double depth storage shelf: 

    1. The height of crossbeam is low, and the operation height can reach 8m. 

    2. Medium inventory flow, providing 50% selectivity. 

    3. Double depth shelf series is derived from heavy beam shelf, with simple structure and high storage capacity. 

    4. In the warehouse of the same area, compared with the single deep shelf, because there are four groups of shelves in parallel, the channel position is reduced, and more than double pallets can be stored on each storage line, so the stock of the warehouse is larger than that of the single deep shelf. 

    5. As there are two rows of goods in the direction of picking up, the special forward moving stacker (some are called three-way forklift) must be used, and the fork of stacker generally adopts level 5 fork. 

    6. For the storage and retrieval of goods in the back row, it is the same as the drive in shelf. The storage and retrieval can only be carried out after the corresponding goods in the front row are removed or shifted. It is difficult to achieve the first in first out for the shelves. In order to improve the utilization rate of the warehouse, it is generally necessary to consider storing the back shelves first and then the front shelves when storing the inventory. 

    7. When the goods are shipped, try to take out the front and back rows of goods at one time. If there are too many cases that can't take out the goods at one time, it may affect the utilization rate of inventory or the efficiency of warehouse operation (frequent stock transfer operation is required). 

    8. The construction cost per card is the lowest of all the three-dimensional warehouse systems.