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    Use and composition structure of heavy beam shelf

    929 Apr 12-2022
    Storage shelves are characterized by high safety system, less pollution, and convenient cleaning and maintenance; Good processability, the adopted layer is very uniform, it is not easy to decolorize, and it has good durability, good load-bearing and corrosion resistance; The bearing capacity is large, the steel is good, and the strength is also very high. Now let's introduce the use and structure of heavy beam shelf. Welcome to read! 

    Use of heavy cross beam shelves: 

    Heavy shelves are also known as beam shelves, cargo space shelves and pallet space shelves. Heavy shelf is a common cargo storage system in various enterprises; Suitable for storing various kinds and large quantities of products; And the bearing capacity is large. The bearing capacity of each layer can reach 5000kg, and the layer height is 50-70mm, which can be adjusted up and down. 

    The heavy beam frame is formed by rolling high-quality cold-rolled steel plate. The column can be as high as 12m and there is no joint in the middle. The beam adopts buckle structure, which has large bearing capacity and is not easy to deform. The pendant between the beam and column is inserted by column convex, which has reliable connection, convenient disassembly and safe pin to prevent forklift from working. 

    The height and migration of heavy shelves can be changed at will to realize 100% picking of goods. Forklifts and stackers are generally equipped for operation. High flexibility, can combine a variety of storage methods, good stability and high space utilization. The beam is directly fastened on the nut, which is more convenient for installation. 

    This kind of shelf system is a commonly used type of storage system at present. It is widely used in manufacturing industry, third-party logistics industry, distribution center, warehouse supermarket and other fields. This kind of shelf is widely used in high-level warehouse, and most of the shelves in automatic warehouse also use this kind of shelf.