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    Home-News- Industry News-How to Improve The Using Efficiency of Mezzanine Floor Rack

    How to Improve The Using Efficiency of Mezzanine Floor Rack

    414 Dec 05-2018

    With the continuous development of enterprises,some general and light duty racks have already unable to meet the necessary of enterprise’s warehouse. There are more and more enterprises are considering that how to take advantage of the whole space of warehouse with a efficient way. That will be the a good choice to use mezzanine floor rack if they want to make the most use of warehouse space, because the structure of mezzanine floor can make racks extend vertically, so this can allow you to take a good use of the space above warehouse.

    mezzanine floor

    1.The whole structure of the most of mezzanine floor racks are assembly type, unnecessary to weld, and very easy to install or take apart, what’s more,the whole structure looks simple and pretty. And the under layer of mezzanine floor racks often play a supporting role, at the same time, they can also be used to storage goods. In the other way, mezzanine floor rack is low cost and high utility rate of space.
    2.Pallet Racking adopt a gusset plate structure, fixed with main and add-on beam, so make the whole mezzanine floor racks have a strong stability. According to choose the different panels, they can be used to avoid dust and damp as well. Mezzanine floor rack is so all-round.

    3.Generally, we are used to putting some light or more valuable goods on the upward side of rack, because the loading capacity of upward side is less than others. And the low layer will be used to storage some products that are heavy duty. The low layers of mezzanine floor racks can also be operated with some equipment like forklift, that can help to decrease wasting human resources.