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    How To Placing Warehouse Cargo By Rule and Line?

    373 Mar 19-2018
    We choose the racking systems according to the type of cargo and the size of the warehouse. For example, Selective Pallet Racking Systems with high flexibility and versatility can be widely used in electronics, household appliances, furniture, clothing, automobiles, medicine, etc. Radio Shuttle Racking with space and labor costs can be used in the chemical and tobacco industries. However, don't think that choosing the right shelf can be done once and for all. The design of the plant site is equally important, and whether the design is reasonable also affects the efficiency and cost of warehouse management and operations. In general, the placement of goods must follow the following rules:

    selective pallet racking systems

    1. The basic rules: Do not eat back grass. Regardless of whether the order is shipped or the supplier comes in, it must be ensured that the goods are executed on the same line;

    2. Shelf guidance road - This is the premise of scientific and reasonable product ranking.

    (1) The racking are customized according to the site size and SKU box specifications, covering the pillars and the sewage pipes. Ensure that the shelf channel has no exposed column.

    (2) Pallet racking are arranged according to the brand's vertical order. New pallet racking are listed in front of storage racks, followed by best-selling pallet racking, flat-selling pallet racking are listed, and farthest are unsalable pallet racking. The principle of ensuring the shortest distance to pile up higher turnover products. The products with the highest turnover are sent directly to the warehouse and delivered from the supplier's stocks cargo warehouse.

    3. According to the different functions of storage partition. One-third of the area used in general is used as a non-warehouse function. In order to increase the storage area, the storage office is set up as much as possible on the second floor in the warehouse, or at the entrance to facilitate communication and rapid response.


    1. Each warehouse must have corresponding entrance doors and exit doors. If there are no two doors, there must be a certain width, not too narrow, otherwise it will affect work efficiency.

    2. The place where the warehouse is located must be set in the warehouse. It cannot be separated very far, causing inconvenience and wasting time for sending and receiving goods.

    3. When setting the safety stock or the minimum quantity, and the quantity of the fixed quantity, there must be a sign board. The person in charge should change the amount of the change, and when the number is lower than the quantity, the office must be immediately responded.

    4. According to commodity information storage containers or specifications, and the floor to withstand the load and limit height, the warehouse to distinguish a number of storage spaces, and use the paint on the ground to draw a regional line.

    5. During the planning of the warehouse area, it is necessary to plan “a waste defective area, a whole storage area, an area to be inspected, a delivery area, etc.” Otherwise, if there is no preparation for planning, there will be confusion and no local operation.

    6. When planning the warehouse area, consider safety issues such as the location of Fire Engine Access, fire fighting equipment, etc.

    7. After each warehouse is planned, it is necessary to indicate location maps, such as positions, doors and windows, surrounding environment, etc., in order to facilitate the work and accidental escape and handling of warehouse personnel. Aceally Racking Systems could offer you the whole warehouse plan and for FREE. Contact us for more details!