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    Knowledge of attic shelves

    413 Feb 11-2022
    Many factors are considered in the design of attic shelves : load-bearing, ventilation, lighting, noise, dust, human movement, logistics movement, fire control, etc. What should we pay attention to about customized attic shelves? Let's have a look. 

    The attic shelf uses the medium shelf or heavy shelf as the main support, plus the floor panel (which shelf is selected according to the total load weight of the shelf unit). The floor panel usually adopts wood board or cold-rolled steel gusset plate, etc. 

    Attic shelves are widely used in the case of high warehouse, small goods, manual access and large storage capacity, which can make full use of space and save warehouse area. It is especially suitable for the classified preservation of enterprise series products such as auto parts, electronic devices, light industry and clothing. 

    When customizing attic shelves, we need to fully consider the site area, cargo type and load capacity. The floor design needs to be customized according to various installation conditions. Forklift, hydraulic lifting platform, cargo elevator and other methods can be selected for the upper and lower floors of goods; The transportation of goods on the same floor is usually completed by small trolleys. 

    The use of attic shelves has greatly enriched the logistics and storage industry and saved space. It is an important type of shelves. If you want to know more, welcome to consult.