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    Home-News- Industry News-What are the considerations for the purchase of mezzanine rack?

    What are the considerations for the purchase of mezzanine rack?

    288 Jul 06-2023
    1. Type and quantity of goods: The type and quantity of goods directly affect the choice of shelves, because different types and quantities of goods require shelves of different sizes, load-bearing capacities, heights and widths.

    2. Storage density: The storage density of the warehouse is directly related to the type of shelf, especially when the warehouse area is limited, the shelf with high storage density must be selected.

    3. Warehouse space: The height, width and depth of the attic warehouse shelves should be adapted to the size of the warehouse space.

    4. Load-bearing capacity: The weight of the goods stored on the shelf needs to take into account the load-bearing capacity of the shelf. It must be ensured that the load-bearing capacity of the shelf is greater than the average weight of the stored goods.

    5. Safety: The construction of the attic warehouse racks must meet safety standards, so as to ensure safety throughout the service life. Safety factors such as earthquake resistance, corrosion resistance and fire protection should also be considered.

    6. Easy of operation: Choosing shelves that are easy to install and operate can improve work efficiency, and design features such as effective load capacity and clear definitions can also improve ease of operation.

    7. Budget: Deciding which type of shelving to use in a project is usually limited by budget. Mezzanine-style warehouse racking can come in different options at a variety of price points, so factor in expense.

    When purchasing Mezzanine rack, you need to consider many factors in order to come up with the most suitable and effective solution.